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Basic Requirements for UK Fiancee visa

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Basic Requirements for UK Fiancee visa

Fiancee visa

Fiancée Visa allows you to come to the UK and live in the UK without any restrictions. You should apply for a UK Fiancée Visa if you are going to register a marriage and reside in the UK.

Many years of experience allows our specialists and advisers to provide highly qualified consulting services in Fiancee visas. We help you and your partner to receive a full and correct pack of documents and to obtain the appropriate visa. The Entry Clearance Officer will understand your situation and provide you with your visa without any questions.

Fiancée Visa is the most difficult UK visa to obtain. It is immigration visa that allow the applicant to live permanently in the UK. For this reason, the authorities check the documents more attentively. Here, the partners must prove their relationship even if the marriage is already registered officially.

Fiancée Visa allows the applicant to come to the UK for up to 6 months and register a marriage. After the marriage is registered the applicant should apply for a Settlement Spouse Visa in the UK. Fiancée Visa does not allow the person to work in the UK.

4 key requirements

Here you can find 4 main requirements for UK find visa applicants. Please click on icon for detailed info.

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Income confirmation

The applicant must demonstrate that the UK sponsor (fiancé) has sufficient income. The UK sponsor must meet the financial requirement which is £18,600 where the applicant has no children, £22,400 with one child, £24,800 with two children, £27,200 with three children and so on. If the UK sponsor does not meet the requirement and their salary is less than the amount needed, there is a possibility of showing savings in a bank account that meets the financial requirement. The particular amount of savings depends on income, and the funds must be kept in the bank account for 6 months. We can count the specific amount for you and consult you on the matter. If the UK sponsor does not have a regular income in the form of salary, they can meet the financial requirement by showing the amount upward of £62,500 has been kept in the bank account for 6 months or more.

Accommodation requirements

The UK sponsor (fiancé) must occupy their accommodation solely and exclusively. If he/she rents accommodation in a shared house/apartment, then they must have a personal bathroom. If he/she lives at the accommodation with relatives, the accommodation must have enough bedrooms for everyone living at the accommodation and all the relatives should give permission for the applicant to live at the accommodation with the sponsor. We will consult you on your accommodation conditions and check if you meet all the necessary requirements.

Travel history

The applicant and the UK sponsor (fiancé) must have communicated with each other for at least a 1 year after the first personal meeting. They must have met each other several times before the applicant applies for a Fiancée Visa. The UK Embassy does not consider online meetings as proof of a relationship. Meeting online and talking for a year while only having 1 or 2 personal meetings and deciding to get married, would not be enough for a visa.

English language

The applicant should prove she knows English. It is necessary to pass an individual English test – IELTS life skills at level A1.

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If it is essential for you to register your marriage in the UK, then you should choose Fiancée Visa. Otherwise, Fiancée Visa is not profitable. This type of visa is given for only 6 months, and then the applicant needs to apply for a Settlement Spouse Visa in the UK. The visa fees are the same and the lists of documents are also the same for both types of visa. This means that the applicant would collect the documents twice and pay the visa fees twice in 6 months. It is more profitable to register your marriage outside the UK and apply for a Settlement Spouse Visa in the applicant’s home country. The Settlement Spouse Visa is given for 2.5 years at a time.

If your documents are not in English, you will need to send a certified translation.

Visa type Duration The Embassy fee Our services fee
Fiancee visa 6 months $2184 $1170

Here’s how we can help with UK Fiancee visa:

Our consultations fee is paid in the beginning of the visa application process and consists of:

  • Preparing individual list of documents based on your circumstances.
  • Unlimited consultations.
  • Providing document samples.
  • Filling in of the appropriate forms.
  • UK Visas and Immigration and UK Visa Application Centre registration assistance.
  • Additional fee payments assistance, if needed.
  • Providing detailed instructions on the visa application process in the applicant’s home country and on sending the documents to Sheffield/UK.
  • Application tracking.
  • Correspondence with UK decision-making centre in Sheffield and the UK Embassy in the applicant’s home country.
  • A free appeal, administrative review and re-application services, if needed.

What our customer say

Finally, with the benefit of the guidance of this organisation, we are able to live our married life together, rather than part-time. It is such a relief, as we had been refused before. At an airport, recently, doubts were raised about our genuineness. With the help that you have given we are able to show the world that no marriage could be more genuine! Thank you.

Michael Silver
Settlement Marriage/Wife visa issued

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