UK Business Visitor Visa

UK Business Visitor Visa

Planning an exciting business trip to the UK? Performing at one of the UK’s top arenas? Ready to take your success to the next level?

You’re only a few steps away from securing your business visa!

You can apply for a Business Visitor Visa if you want to visit the UK for any of the following reasons:

UK Business Visitor Visa
  • exhibitions, conferences (etc) - visits where you have an official invitation to the event as a speaker, exhibitor or team member
  • sport or entertainment events - visits where you have a formal invitation to the event as an athlete, artist or team member
  • an official internship
  • an academic visit organised by a university to conduct research in the UK
  • taking PLAB tests or Objective Structured Clinical Examination
  • business meetings and concluding agreements
  • adjustment and start-up works

Documents you must provide for UK business visa in 2021:

This is an ILLUSTRATIVE LIST OF DOCUMENTS only. Fill in our application form for us to prepare a list of documents specific to you.
  • Passport (current and previous one)
  • Application form
  • Letter from the employer
  • Bank statements
  • Official Invitation
  • Other documents confirming your ties to your home country and your situation

You’ll also need to provide a certified translation of any documents that are not in English. But, don’t worry, we will save you time, money and stress when addressing this.

How we can help with UK business visa:

Free Risk Assessment

Discover your chances of being accepted for a UK visa for free!

We give you the list of all documents and samples needed. This way you know just what to expect.

We’ll then check to guarantee if the documents meet the official requirements or not.
Forget filling in confusing application forms. We’ll do it all for you!

We’ll then book your appointment with the UK Visa Application Center for you, saving you time to do what you love.
We organize and upload all your supporting documents directly to the UK Embassy. So, you need only passport on appointment.
You don’t have to worry about the administrative duties.

Just head to the UK Visa Application Centre, make photo for visa and submit your fingerprints. And, you’re ready to go!

If you dream of securing a Business Visitor Visa for the UK, contact us now! We specialise in complex cases and refusals. No matter what your situation is, we can help you.

Visa to UK: UK Business Visitor Visa - our services fee on 13.04.2021

Visa type Duration The Embassy fee Our services fee
Business visitor visa 6 months $136 $260
Business visitor visa 2 years $518 $495

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