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EEA Family Permit

If your spouse is living and working in the UK and is an EU national but does not have UK citizenship, you should apply for a particular kind of spouse visa known as an EEA Family Permit. Please note, you can apply for an EEA Family Permit if you have an officially registered your marriage to an EU national. Alternatively, you can apply as an unmarried partner if you have lived with your partner at the same address for 2 years before the date of the application.

If the UK sponsor (spouse) is an EU national, the applicant must apply for an EEA Family Permit to join his/her partner and live permanently in the UK. EEA Family Permit is given for 6 months so the applicant can enter the UK and start living in the UK with a spouse. The applicant can then apply for the next visa in the UK which will be granted for 5 years. He/she can then apply for ILR and even UK citizenship. The main feature of this kind of visa is that the applicant does not have to pass any English exams and does not have to pay any visa fees or an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS).

We help you and your partner to receive a full and correct pack of documents and to obtain the appropriate visa. The Entry Clearance Officer will understand your situation and provide you with your visa without any questions.

3 key requirements

Here you can find 3 main requirements for EEA Family permit applicants. Please click on icon for detailed info.

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Income confirmation

The applicant must prove his/her UK sponsor (EU national) has sufficient income. An EU national is expected to reach the HMRС Primary Earnings Threshold on a consistent basis throughout the period of their employment. Please contact our specialists to discuss this.

Accommodation requirements

The UK sponsor (EU national) must occupy the accommodation solely and exclusively. If he rents accommodation in a shared house/apartment, then he must have a personal bathroom. If he lives at the accommodation with his relatives, the accommodation must have enough bedrooms for everyone living at the accommodation and all the relatives should give permission for the applicant to live at the accommodation with the sponsor. We will consult you on your accommodation conditions and check if you meet all the requirements.

Travel history

The applicant and the UK sponsor (EU national) must communicate with each other for at least 1 year after the first personal meeting. They must meet each other several times before the applicant applies for an EEA Family Permit. The UK Embassy doesn’t consider online meetings as proof of a relationship. Meeting online and talking for a year while only having 1 or 2 personal meetings and deciding to get married, would not be enough for a visa.

If your documents are not in English, you will need to send a certified translation.

Visa type Duration The Embassy fee Our services fee
EEA Family Permit - 0 $1100

What our customer say

The wonderful news has just reached me, that my future partner in life has just received her passport back with fiance visa within. I must quickly thank the Visa Centre and especially Andrey Shalnov for all their work and guidance during this process. It has been with the minimum fuss and bother, Andrey making sure we have sent all the relevant material for this successful conclusion. Indeed, we are both extremely grateful for turning what could have been a nightmare process into something quite straightforward.

Stephen Aubury
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