Visa after refusal

Visa after refusal

If you have been refused a visa, don’t worry! It is possible to get Visa After Refusal.

Our agency will help you to understand the reasons for the refusal and helps to prepare convincing grounds for appeal. There are three different ways of getting a Visa After Refusal:

  • Administrative review. We can help you to apply for an administrative review in such cases where your documents were correct, were the application was filled accurately, you met the visa requirements, but the Embassy erroneously refused the application.
  • New application. We can help you to apply for a new visa where you forgot to attach the necessary documents or filled in the form incorrectly.
  • Appeal. We can help you to appeal the Embassy’s decision where you believe the refusal violates your rights and the decision was unlawful.

The choice depends on your situation, and we need to study this first. Please, provide us with your refusal letter, and we will advise what to do next. We are successful in obtaining visas even after several refusals!

Common mistakes which may lead to a visa refusal:

  1. Incorrect application form. The UK visa application forms are varied and complicated. You may make mistakes in the application form or even mistakenly choose an incorrect application form which does not correspond to your trip.
  2. Incorrect documents. The UK visa application is more complicated than the application for the Sсhengen countries. The way the British Embassy studies the documents is different. For instance, it is much more critical for the UK Embassy to see a regular income than a large amount of money in your bank account. It is not enough to have copied a standard list of documents from any UK government website. The list of documents may differ depending on your case.
  3. The information in the application form differs from the information in your documents. It is our job to check that your documents correspond to the application form. Filling in the forms relying on the documents could be difficult.
  4. The documents do not have a certified translation. We can provide you with a translation service or check if your translation meets the requirements.
  5. The UK education provider was not licensed. We can check the license if needed.
  6. You did not meet the financial obligation. In fact, if you met the conditions, the Embassy would still need correct bank references. We can consult with your bank about the visa requirements and correct reference providing.
  7. Your documents for a Tourist Visa did not meet the requirements for Business Visa. A person applying for Business Visa may not be aware that the documents for Business Visa differ from those of the Tourist Visa.
  8. Your business partner provided the Embassy with incorrect invitation details. We can consult your UK partner about the invitation letter requirements.
  9. Your UK employer did not provide you with a correct Certificate of Sponsorship. We can consult with the UK employer on the matter.
  10. Your UK employer did not provide you with maintenance, and you could not confirm it using your bank reference. We can consult the employer and the bank on the matter.

Common mistakes in the application of Spouse Visa / Fiancée Visa / EEA Family Permit / Settlement Child Visa / Marriage Visitor Visa:

  1. Your relationship period has not reached an appropriate time.
  2. Your relationship can be considered non-genuine if you have not had/enough personal meetings with your fiancée/husband/wife. Internet meetings cannot be viewed as personal meetings.
  3. Your fiancée’s/husband’s/wife’s accommodation doesn’t meet the requirements. The number of bedrooms is counted when the ECO makes their decision.
  4. Your fiancée’s/husband’s/wife’s landlord hasn’t written their letter correctly.
  5. Your fiancée/husband/wife has not worked with the same employer for the appropriate time.
  6. You collected the documents as if your fiancée/husband/wife is “employed,” but he/she is “self-employed.” The documents required are different.
  7. You know you should use his/her savings as maintenance as his/her salary is less than £18,600 per year before tax, but you don’t know how to count the exact amount of money and how to show the money in his/her bank account. The bank reference may not be enough.
  8. You don’t know how to explain your fiancée’s/husband’s/wife’s former partners and children from previous marriages.
  9. You think a Tourist Visa to the UK allows you not to mention your boyfriend/girlfriend in the application form. You must mention this person in the tourist application form. You should know how to prepare an invitation and what the documents requirements are.
  10. You haven’t filled in a special appendix.
  11. You didn’t explain your previous refusals to the Embassy. The Embassy keeps the records for 10 years.
  12. You have chosen a Marriage Visitor Visa instead of Fiancée Visa.
  13. You have passed the English language exam in a non-licensed centre. We know how to check whether the UK Embassy has approved your centre.
  14. You didn’t prove sole responsibility when applying for settlement child visa.
  15. You applied for Settlement Child Visa when the child’s father is a UK citizen. You need to choose a special visa application in such a case.

If any of the above applies to you, contact our managers, and we will help you to get a UK visa after refusal.

Our services in getting Visas after refusal include:

  • Case studying and strategy planning
  • Consulting on the correct list of documents
  • Unlimited consultations
  • Help to fill in the right application form
  • Support for strengthening the case with a cover letter composed by our specialists

Our service fees will depend on the complexity of the situation. Please, consult our visa specialists about your case.

Visa after refusal - our services fee on 31.05.2023

Visa type The Embassy fee Our services fee
Standard visitor visa after refusal (from 6 months) from $129 from $265
Student visa after refusal (from 6 months) from $129 from $295
Business visa after refusal (-) from $129 from $325
Fiancee/spouse visa after refusal (up to 2 years 9 months) £1538 from £1100
Work visa after refusal (-) from $129 from $645

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