Remote service

Remote service

We provide remote visa services. There is no need to come to our office in person and to bring the original documents for checking.

The remote work consists of:

  1. You contact our specialists through an online form, by phone or by email
  2. Our specialist studies your case and asks some questions about your circumstances.
  3. If you agree to work with us, we provide you with an agreement and invoice for our services.
  4. After you make the payments, we start preparing a correct list of documents for you. We provide you with document samples and check if your documents meet the visa requirements. All consultations are delivered by email, phone and messenger.
  5. You provide us with your documents by email. (It is very easy to take a photo with your documents by phone and email them to us for checking!)
  6. We fill in the application form and make a biometric data appointment for you.
  7. We upload the documents to the UKVI website for you.
  8. You go to the UK Visa Application Centre and provide them with your fingerprints.
  9. Once the Embassy has reached a decision and issued the documents, we report back to you. You return to the UK Visa Application Centre, collect your passport together with your visa or order a delivery of you documents to a specific address.

It is very easy to work with us remotely. We save you the time of going to/from our office. We can help you get UK visas from your home country.

Advantages of Working with us Remotely:

  • There is no need to send original documents to our office or to bring them to the office in person. It is sufficient for us to see the documents sent by email to understand whether they are correct or not.
  • Our agency is an operator of UK visa services. Lucky for you that you can apply through the operator directly and not through an agency net. This service reduces processing time.
  • We accept payments through Paypal payment system that guarantee the payment process as secure and clear.
  • The application form is filled in online by our specialists. There is no need to come to the office to fill in forms.
  • We book the appointment for you on the most convenient date and time and in any UK visa application center you like. You will need to visit the Application Centre in person as they will need to take your fingerprints.
  • We track your application remotely and report to you when your visa is ready. You can even book a passport delivery service, and the UK Embassy will send your passport with visa to your home address.

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