Our services description

Our services description

  • Preliminary free assessment of the chances of getting a visa.

    Before we start your visa application, we will make sure you qualify to get a visa. We provide you with a simple questionnaire, and on return, we study it and report to you on your chances. If there is something that could lead to a refusal, we will explain to you how to change your circumstance to be able to get a UK visa.

  • Documents list preparation.

    We prepare a personal list of documents for you depending on the information you supply in the questionnaire for our consideration. Each application is different, and there is not any standard list of documents suitable for everyone.

  • Documents sample provision

    We provide you with document samples, so you can understand fully what the UK Embassy needs from you.

  • Checking the documents.

    We check your documents before you submit them to the UK Visa Application Centre. We make sure your documents are prepared accurately.

  • Unlimited consultations

    We provide you with unlimited consultations on your documents, visa application process, application forms etc.

  • Application filling

    We fill in the application form for you.

  • Appointment booking

    We book the appointment for you. You will be able to choose the most suitable date and time for you.

  • "Added Valued Services" booking.

    We book any Added Valued Services for you and provide you with detailed payment instructions.

  • The application tracking.

    We track your application and report to you when the case status changes. If the UK Embassy has any additional questions on your case, we contact them on your behalf.

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