Documents list for UK visa

Documents list for UK visa

The documents list depends on your personal and financial circumstances and the type of UK visa you need.

Visa application form

The visa application form should correspond to the supporting documents you submit to the UK Embassy. It contains a minimum of 100-150 questions and you should be very careful answering them as your answers must not contradict each other. If you choose our agency to help you with the application, our specialists will be happy to fill in the application form for you.

Your personal information

You should provide the Embassy with the documents showing your personal data:

  • Valid passport
  • Previous passports if they are in your possession
  • Documents, confirming your marital status
  • Documents, confirming your employment or studies.
  • If you are not a national of the country from which you are applying, you should provide the documents proving your legal status in that country.

Financial information

You should provide evidence that you have sufficient income to make a UK trip. If you are unemployed or a student, you must provide financial proof from your sponsor. The evidence could be:

  • Bank reference or bank transactions statement
  • Regular income evidence
  • Additional job or occupations evidences
  • Sponsorship letter (if a third party is paying for your UK trip)

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Travel information

Depending on the purpose of your visit, you must provide the following documents:

  • Tourism/visiting friends
    • Hotel voucher
    • Excursions booking confirmation
    • Invitation from friends
  • Visiting family in the UK
    • Invitation from family members
    • Proof of kinship
  • Business visit
    • Invitation from a UK company
    • UK business confirmation documents
  • Short English language courses
    • Enrolment letter
    • Evidence confirming you have enough money for studying in the UK
    • Meet English language requirements (if needed)
  • Academic visit
    • Invitation from a UK organisation
    • Scientific status confirmation
    • Scientific works in the same field confirmation
  • Marriage visit
    • Evidences confirming the marriage ceremony booked
    • Evidence confirming permission to marry
  • Medical treatment visit
    • Invitation letter from a private medical institution confirming treatment in the UK
    • The evidence you have adequate finance for the trip
  • Sport or entertainment visit
    • The event organisation confirmation
    • Sponsorship letter from your home country showing the organisation of the event
  • Transit
    • Confirmation of travel to the third country through the UK
    • Third country visa (if needed)
    • Paid tour confirmations

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