EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit refusal

EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit refusal

EEA family permits can be refused for a number of reasons, many of which come as a total surprise to the applicant. By being aware of the pitfalls and preparing a strong application, the application process for an EEA family permit will likely go as smoothly as possible. Please, contact our specialists for professional visa support.

There are various reasons UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) issue refusals to applicants for their EEA Family Permits:

  • The applicant failed to enclose an original identification, i.e. passport or EEA ID card for the Sponsor/EEA national
  • The EEA national failed to show that he/she is exercising treaty rights
  • The applicant is a party to a marriage of convenience
  • The applicant failed to show that he/she is dependant on the EEA national
  • The EEA national is not in, or will not be going to, the UK

The window of opportunity for appeal of an EEA Family Permit refusal is very brief – only 28 days from the date you receive the refusal. You can exercise your appeal rights by filing an appeal with the First-tier Tribunal. Depending on the reasons for refusal you may also consider submitting a new EEA Family Permit application.

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