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EEA Family Permit is the visa that will allow you to join your husband, who is currently living in the UK.

EEA Family Permit is the visa that will allow you to join your husband, who is currently living in the UK.

Suppose your husband (who is your sponsor in the UK) is an EU national. In that case, you must apply for an EEA Family Permit to join him and to live permanently in the UK. This kind of visa is one of the most difficult to get because you, the applicant, must meet strict requirements and prove that marriage is not a sham! There is a general belief that the UK Embassy issues an EEA Family Permit visa provided there was a wedding, and there is a marriage certificate. This is not true. As the applicant, you must collect dozens of documents explaining your situation and prove that the relationship is genuine. Also, all your documents must match the appropriate application form requirements.

EEA Family Permit provides:

  • The right to settle in the UK for an initial six months
  • The right to work in the UK
  • The right to settle in the UK under EU Settlement Scheme.

What is needed for success

What is needed for success

UK immigration rules have three main requirements for the family of an applicant.


The income of your EU partner must be more than the minimum amount specified by the UK HMRC Primary Earnings Threshold.


Your EU partner must own or rent adequate housing. They must provide for you and any other family members joining you according to the standards set down by the Home Office.


You must show that you have been in your relationship for at least one year.


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Tell us about your situation. We will explain how to get a visa even if you fail to meet one of the requirements. Our risk assessment is provided free of charge.

Choose with your mind and heart!

Choose with your mind and heart!

To be successful, you need to find a visa expert who will deal with the complex and delicate work of applying for an EEA Family Permit? At the end of the day, the future of your family life depends on making the right choice. You cannot afford to make a mistake!
Work with us. We will talk to you about our company so that you can make an informed decision. You will find that our team of experts ready to work for you.



We love our work and love helping people like you. In 2006 we started helping with visas to bring married couples together in the UK, and we continue to do so.


Wide experience.

916 visas approved, of which 173 permits were issued with our help after the applicant had their independent application refused.


Help to a whole family

We deal with both husband and wife.


We do the work ourselves.

The only task for our clients is to collect the documents we need. The rest of the work is done by our specialists.



We thoroughly examine complex family situations, so we can help to get you a visa even if you were already refused. We also apply for permits for children from previous marriages who you want to take with you.

The application procedure

The application procedure

Because we have many years of experience, we can make the application process more straightforward. Using remote assistance, we follow a simple step-by-step approach until you secure that visa. The process is overseen by a visa expert who deals with both husband and wife at every stage.

Dependent child application

Dependent child application

If an applicant intends to join their husband in the UK with a child from a previous marriage, they must apply for a special visa for the child. Children do not get permits unconditionally. According to the UK legislation, a child can stay in their home country with the second parent after the marriage is ended. An applicant wishing to take a child to the UK must collect a separate pack of documents confirming his/her sole responsibility for the child. They must prove the right of the child to settle in the UK with the applicant. If this applies to you, our visa experts will help you to organise everything you need.

If you start the application process before 01 April 2024 the fee will be £1800 £1200

The price doesn’t include translations of documents into English.


The fee includes:

  • Visa assistance without refusals
  • Complete paperwork
  • A calm and supportive environment
  • Confidence in the desired result

A convenient and affordable service. It surpasses the assistance of British immigration advisers.

A convenient and affordable service. It surpasses the assistance of British immigration advisers.

Unlike a British immigration adviser, our agency works directly with both husband and wife, which stops misunderstandings and errors.
An applicant can be refused a visa because a British immigration adviser and the UK Embassy interpret visa rules differently. We understand ‘UK Embassy logic’ and can prevent rejections before the documents reach the Embassy. We respect the Immigration Rules and know the Home Office requirements.
Start your application with the help of our agency, and you will save at least £1,000 and be satisfied with the service.

Our agency

British immigration adviser

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from £1800

Offers application support

for all family members

to the primary applicant only

Knowledge of the specifics of the UK Embassies in the EU
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We stay in touch with you. You can talk to us at any time.

We stay in touch with you. You can talk to us at any time.

We make it easy for our clients to contact us with their application queries. Our multi-channel telephone numbers work at your convenience. All information is duplicated by e-mail, so it is easy to find the information required throughout the application process.

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Unlimited e-mail support in:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • and more...

A few kind words from our valued customers

A few kind words from our valued customers

We have answers to all your questions!

We have answers to all your questions!

A travel agency usually deals with only one partner (married), that is the person not in the UK. However, it is vital to tell you that almost all the problematic work must be done with UK partner's documents. A travel agency leaves this part of the work for you or for your British immigration adviser, who must be paid as well. As a result, the process will be much more expensive than with our visa specialists.

Remember the rule: if someone guarantees that there will be no refusal, then they are scammers or amateurs. While it is possible to ensure collecting the correct documents and preparing the case correctly, it is not possible to guarantee the visa issuance. The task of the visa officer is to verify that the marriage is not sham and check the applicant’s relationship. Sometimes it happens that even following all the requirements of the Embassy and most of the correct documents, a visa may not be issued. So, our experts look at the situation through the eyes of the Embassy’s staff, and we honestly assess the chances. We collect 100% correct package of documents and help you to avoid controversial situations that may result in a visa denial.

Officially the UK officials can consider the documents for up to 6 months, but usually, it takes about 1-2 months. There is no priority service (fast track) option.

No. We have been working with UK visas for 14 years. We have been practising remote work for the last 9 years. Our clients believe that it is easier to prepare documents for a visa remotely. Personal presence is only needed at the final stage of the application when the Embassy needs fingerprints. The rest of the work can be efficiently done via the Internet. See for yourself!

The EEA Family Permit application rules don’t change until 30 JUN 2021. The new rules haven’t been published yet.

It is the same kind of visa with a unique mark indicating the EU married partner is registered with the EU Settlement Scheme.

The answers above are, for the most often frequently asked questions. But you can always ask your own question, and our visa expert will contact you to discuss your personal case. Remember our initial consultation is free.

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Our team of professionals

Our team of professionals