• a child should be under 18 years old
  • sponsor or sponsor’s partner should be settled in the UK or be a British citizen
  • if a child is from a previous marriage, the parent should prove his sole responsibility

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Wife visa UK

Settlement Spouse Visa along with a Fiancée Visa allows you to come to the UK and live in the UK without any restrictions. If you have already registered a marriage to a UK national, you must apply for a Settlement Spouse Visa. If your spouse is living and working in the UK and is an EU national and but does not have UK citizenship, you should apply for a particular kind of spouse visa known as an EEA Family Permit. Please note, you can apply for an EEA Family Permit if you have an officially registered your marriage to an EU national. Alternatively, you can apply as an unmarried partner if you have lived with your partner at the same address for 2 years before the date of the application.

Our company can help you with such complicated cases as same-sex marriage, unmarried partners, and children from previous marriages, Settlement Spouse Visa after refusal and Fiancée Visa after refusal.

Settlement Spouse Visas and Fiancée Visas are the most difficult UK visas to obtain. They are immigration visas that allow the applicant to live permanently in the UK. For this reason, the authorities check the documents more attentively. Here, the partners must prove their relationship even if the marriage is already registered officially.

Many years of experience allows our specialists and advisers to provide highly qualified consulting services in Settlement Spouse Visas and Fiancée Visas. We help you and your partner to receive a full and correct pack of documents and to obtain the appropriate visa. The Entry Clearance Officer will understand your situation and provide you with your visa without any questions.

Settlement Child visa

If an applicant intends to go to a UK sponsor (spouse or fiancé) with a child from a previous marriage, they must apply for a Settlement Child Visa for the child. Children do not get visas unconditionally. The applicant must collect a separate pack of documents and fill in an individual application form.

The documents and requirements are almost the same as for a Settlement Spouse Visa, but there are special conditions which need to be met. Children need the consent of the remaining parent to go abroad with the other parent. Approval itself is not enough in the case of a Settlement Child Visa application. The parent going abroad with a child should prove his/her “sole responsibility”. “Sole responsibility” means that the applicant alone has managed the education and upbringing of the child without any help from the other parent. Please, contact our specialists to determine the list of documents for the individual case.

If your documents are not in English, you will need to send a certified translation.

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